CADBrent – working to become a dementia friendly Brent


In October 2020 we submitted Brent’s application to the Dementia Friendly Communities Recognition Process and in December 2020 we were delighted to hear that Brent has met the standards required for the process and your application had been successful!  We view this as a just reward for the amazing work that people living with dementia, carers and other partners had been doing collectively, under the banner of CADBrent, since 2017 when the idea of a dementia friendly borough was first discussed.

As the logo says Brent has been recognised as ‘working to become dementia friendly 20/21’.  We recognise that there is much more to be done, particularly given the impact of Covd-19 on the lives of all  of us  but we are committed to advancing our work to a point where dementia is fully understood and respected across our borough, where people living with dementia feel that they are valued and listened to, where they are key contributors to the design and delivery of support services, and where the community works together and we have equal access to health and wellbeing opportunities. 


By being part of the recognition process, we have agreed to:

    • Provide regular updates on activities and actions via the online community dashboard.
    • Complete an annual self-assessment of progress towards meeting the criteria.
    • Comply with the terms and conditions of use for the ‘working to become dementia friendly’ logo.
    • Comply with the Dementia Friendly Communities Code of Conduct.

Our targets for 2021 – ending in December

The following targets are for CADBrent to deliver. Individual partners/members should agree and deliver their own targets if they wish to use the logo.

Arts, culture, leisure and recreation

Key objectives;

    • Continue with our partnership with the Museum of London where people living with dementia will visit the museum to enjoy exhibitions, as well as supporting staff to further create a dementia friendly space
    • Commence connections with the Ben Uri museum. First, take part in their  Starting with Art programme as well as visiting the museum during the year.
    • Locally, we will re-connect with the Troubadour Theatre Wembley and the Kiln Theatre in Kilburn to attend performances, and  influence them to become dementia friendly
    • Create a Walking Football programme
    • Develop a ‘Walk the walk’ programme, a series of walking trips with people living with dementia and volunteers
    • Introduce Chair yoga weekly sessions at our dementia cafes.

Businesses and shops

Key objectives for the following year;

    • identify and obtain funding to source a person to lead on encouraging local business in Brent to become dementia aware and accessible to people living with dementia.
    • Recruit a representative from Brent Council’s Regeneration dept as a member of the Brent Dementia Steering Group
    • Hold dementia friends information events for a minimum of 10 local businesses
    • Identify 5 businesses that support CAD-Brent’s dementia friendly status and who will work with their employees to become better informed about dementia.

 Community, voluntary, faith groups and organizations  

 Key objectives for the following year:

    • A minimum of 10 places of workshop becoming dementia friendly
    • 5 Ethnic minority community groups receiving dementia friends training
    • Minimum of 1000 Brent residents will be more aware of dementia.

Fire and Police

Key objectives for the following year:

    • Fire brigade and police reps on CAD-Brent bi-monthly meetings
    • Dementia awareness training delivered to police and fire brigade
    • Fire safety at Home programme provided to people living with dementia.  A minimum of 10 places at dementia friendly training workshop.
    • Ethnic minority community groups receiving dementia friends training.

Health and Social Care

Key objectives for the following year:

    • At least one Adult Social Care senior management rep on the Brent Dementia Strategy Group
    • Dementia Voices Brent advisory group to support Brent Adult social services
    • Survey people living with dementia and carers on access to GPs.
    • Publish report of survey with suggestions/recommendations if survey is not satisfactory
    • Provide dementia friends training to a minimum of 5 Care Homes.


Key objectives for the following year;

    • 3 Housing Associations agree to start work on becoming dementia friendly organisations
    • Provide Dementia Training events to residents of these organisations.


Key objectives for the following year

    • Advocate for easy access to services that people living with dementia have a right to e.g. blue badge and a  Dial A Ride service
    • Continue lobbying at the (Mayor of London’s) Peoples’ Panel for user friendly public transport
    • Dementia awareness training for transport staff.

Brent CCG – Clinical Commissioning Group  targets:

  • Improve Dementia Diagnosis Rates
  • Provide dementia awareness training to GPs  – x2 Training workshops