Welcome to Community Action Dementia – Brent.

We are a community group of volunteers working with residents, businesses, faith communities, sports organisations, statutory services and people living with dementia to create a dementia friendly borough. We have had a number of conversations to define exactly what a dementia friendly borough looks like and we continue to talk to each other until we get this right. Alongside this we will support people who have ideas on how to achieve our vision.

These maybe ideas for a dementia friendly local street, a ward or indeed across the borough. It may be focused on people living with dementia or could be about creating greater awareness of dementia amongst people in Brent. There will be many ideas and actions which we welcome and we will work together to put these into action. This website is organic and continuously evolving and we would welcome your thoughts or suggestions for improvement.

Our Vision:

A dementia-friendly borough of Brent.

Our Mission:

CAD-Brent’s mission is to support Brent’s residents and businesses to create a dementia friendly borough which enables an improved wellbeing for people living with dementia. Our aims and objectives have been developed through conversations with those living with dementia, their families and carers representing the diverse communities of Brent.

We will do this by:

Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance: This is made up of organisations working across the borough to make the lives of people living with dementia and their carers better, including Community Action on Dementia Brent, housing associations, and others.

Dementia Hub Project: Two Dementia Hubs to be established in Brent, one north and one south of the borough.  Here, people living with Dementia and their families can get support, information, advice, and guidance from a trained, compassionate and experience advisor.  Support can also be given to find well-being activities around Brent to ensure people living with Dementia live well and play an active part in the community.  Business support will be provided to partners to ensure services for people living with Dementia, such as memory café’s, have the tools to be sustainable and thrive.

Peer Support: Enabling people living with dementia to use their own experience of overcoming or dealing with their distress and experience to support others who are currently living with dementia, particularly those with a new diagnosis. Read more about our Peer Support project on the ‘Get Involved’ page of this website.

Dementia Awareness:  Raising awareness through a programme for residents, businesses and public sector services in Brent so that they are more aware and understand how dementia may impact on individuals.

Community Connections: Supporting Brent residents, groups and businesses to pledge and deliver an action that helps to create a dementia friendly borough.

Dementia Support Services:  Services webpage.

Influence quality and format of support services: Creating a ‘voice’ for people living with dementia and their family or carers to ensure they will influence the design and commissioning of services.

Community Champions: Developing a programme where individuals will be trained to act as community champions; they will be a bridge between their own community, those living with dementia and their families and the statutory and community service sectors.

Our People :

CAD – Brent is a Charity.  Our membership includes people living with dementia, members from residents associations, faith and cultural groups, including the BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) communities, the Fire Brigade, Police and carers who are committed to this social movement. What brings us together is our passion to fulfil CAD’s aim of a Dementia friendly Brent.

We continue to learn from the experiences of other such movements across the United Kingdom and grow as an organisation.